Gordon Ferguson has 14 years of experience supporting attorneys in complex litigation from filing through discovery and trial. He has worked in multi-district and mass tort settings, and has successfully assisted attorneys in the courtroom at the federal and state level. His practice has included employment, intellectual property and product liability litigation.

Gordon has frequently coordinated discovery efforts among venders, co-counsel and clients. He is a part of the Gould & Ratner's e-discovery team and has significant experience in maximizing the efficiency of the discovery process for clients by tailoring software solutions to individual cases.

A skilled researcher, Gordon's analysis has influenced decisions on expert witness retention and led to productive lines of examination on opposing experts. In a matter involving thousands of plaintiffs, he helped develop a process to identify problematic potential deponents among hundreds of witnesses, and he has created procedures for internal compliance with ongoing court-ordered conflict disclosures.



  • Iowa State University, B.S., English , 2000