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Jennifer Tolsky Spoke at an IICLE Webcast

Jennifer Tolsky Spoke at an IICLE Webcast

March 24, 2021
8:50am - 4:15pm CST
Live Webcast

Jennifer Tolsky spoke at an IICLE live webcast on March 24. This webcast featured numerous speakers and covered and array of topics. The event, Estate Planning for the 99% Boot Camp, was designed for newer estate planning attorneys and those with clients with smaller estates. Our distinguished faculty have incorporated lessons learned from years of practical experience to provide you with a refreshed overview of foundational estate planning documents and insight into specific issues for the typical, everyday family.

Jennifer's section, called Assets that Pass Outside Wills and Trusts, took place at 2:30pm CST and covered the various types of assets that pass outside of a will or trust, the mechanism of conveyance, and applicable law.

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