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Gould & Ratner appreciates and understands that making a significant job change is a monumental decision — one that affects your career, your clients and your personal life.

The professionals at Gould & Ratner strive to make that transition as seamless as possible. From our management to our support staff, we will facilitate every step of your lateral move. Our team of business development, training, operational and financial professionals will work with you from the time you decide to join us, to ensure a smooth transition for you and your clients into the firm. These professionals will meet with you, listen to your needs, concerns, and preferences, ensuring a natural integration.

We want to be certain that lateral partners feel that they have been heard and their points are appreciated and fully considered, recognizing a mutual end goal of a successful and flourishing practice.

The partners who co-chair our lateral hiring program were lateral partners themselves: “We strive to make a new partner’s transition and integration as seamless as possible,” says co-hiring partner Joe Marzo. “Our lawyers and staff are there to support you from the first day. All new attorneys meet with our business development, IT, operations and personnel professionals in advance, removing much of the strain of a new venture. We do everything possible to allow you, as a new partner to get off to a running start.”

8 Reasons to Join Gould & Ratner


A diverse and rewarding caseload

Our work with clients is as sophisticated and complex as the mega firms, but our focus on tailored service something only a smaller firm like ours can deliver.


Practice unification

Our smaller size and streamlined structure encourages internal networking and cross selling amongst different practice areas and lawyers.


Investment in your success

We provide our colleagues with the training, professional development, mentorship and advancement tools necessary for a thriving legal career.


Excellent support

Our work with clients is as sophisticated and complex as the mega firms, but our focus on tailored service something only a smaller firm like ours can deliver.


Integrating you and your clients

We know changing firms is a big deal, and we are committed to making your transition as efficient and seamless as possible so that you can resume your practice.


A culture of inclusion and collegiality

G&R employees support and respect each other. Our inclusion committee frequently plans firm wide events and initiatives to encourage a sense of community. Our glass offices, open floorplan and breadth of collaborative space are ideal for team building.


An impressive list of perks

We offer a comprehensive benefits package, fun and modern workspace and frequent wellness initiatives— to name a few.


A focus on social responsibility

From our pro bono work with Habitat for Humanity, to our support of a different charitable organization every Friday, if it’s important to our people, it’s important to us.


experienced attorneys


our midwest "best of the best" ranking


key service areas


valued client relationships

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What Our Clients Say

"I thank your firm for a job well done. We have relied on your expertise, but more importantly, we trusted your friendship. Working with you is fun- you’re amazing souls, with witty and good-natured personalities."

President, technology company

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What Our Clients Say

"Gould & Ratner lawyers provided immense value from the initial contract discussion through the conclusion of our project. they were always engaged, took great pride and ownership in making sure our project was a success."

CEO, transportation manufacturer

Why I Chose Gould & Ratner

Exceeding My Expectations

Litigation Practice

In making my lateral move, I wanted to ensure that the new firm I joined was in line with my long-term professional goals. I was impressed with the lawyers I met in my initial interviews – they had varied litigation backgrounds, some had been at the firm for years, and others were laterals, like me, who had found a home here. They described the practice (and firm) as a collegial environment, and I quickly became convinced that Gould & Ratner would be a great fit for me.

The first thing that really struck me, was the longevity of the firm’s relationships. Our clients have been clients for years and refer family and friends consistently, such that we are often representing families and their businesses over several generations. In addition to the client relationships that span decades, both attorneys and staff have been a part of the organization for years, some since the beginning of their careers. In today’s world, it was unique to hear that people wanted to stay here.

Gould & Ratner has exceeded my expectations in supporting my professional endeavors and practice. They encourage my marketing activities and to maintain my own client relationships. Other partners have been very helpful in cross-selling our various practice areas. The firm’s participation in Law Exchange International has been particularly important to me and my clients, and after expressing interest, I quickly became involved in the organization and acquainted with our affiliates.

Since my arrival, I have had occasion to work on a variety of cases with clients from different industries. My colleagues and I are often in each other’s offices or office common areas, discussing strategies and ideas with each other. I feel comfortable stopping by the offices of senior level partners in other practice areas when one of my matters requires their expertise.

Our location is also a manifestation of who we are as a firm. Our new space in a building that has been part of the Chicago skyline since the 1920s, mirrors our perfect combination of tradition and modernity. Our people show this same balance, and I am proud to be a member of this organization.

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A Welcoming Culture

Corporate Practice

From day one, I was impressed by the overwhelming amount of support and collegiality within the firm. The lawyers and staff were genuinely interested in integrating me and my practice.

Rather than throwing lateral partners into the deep end to see how we swim, Gould & Ratner ensures their new attorneys have the resources and support they need in order to be successful. Since my arrival, I have not experienced any of the negative traits that are common in some other firms, where attorneys act as silos or are perpetually in competition with each other. Here, our practice teams are more focused on collaborating, cross selling and helping one another.

Gould & Ratner is also incredibly efficient. There is no bureaucracy here; the firm is here to help you build your practice, not waste your time. While you are provided all of the resources you need (and then some), the firm also isn’t wasteful or focused on extravagent offerings that don’t ultimately benefit lawyers or clients. Less pointless overhead means that we can outcompete larger, less economical firms when it comes to rates.

Gould & Ratner has long history of serving sophisticated clients in complex matters. This firm provides the perfect opportunity to work with top tier clients and attorneys, but with all of the benefits of a midsize firm setting.

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Supporting My Professional Growth


I began my career at Gould & Ratner after my first year of law school as a law clerk, eager to learn but unsure as to exactly what direction I wanted my legal career to take upon graduation. Within one summer at Gould & Ratner, not only did I find and learn about my desired practice area, but I also discovered how important the culture of a firm was to me. Even as a law clerk, Gould & Ratner embraced me as one of their own, providing me with ample hands on opportunities to learn and grow my skill set, and involved me in various firm events where I got to know the Gould & Ratner family. Together, the collegial environment of Gould & Ratner and the genuine interest that everyone at Gould & Ratner took in my professional growth over the two years that I was a law clerk made the decision to join the firm as an associate upon graduation an easy one.

Now, almost seven years later, I can confidently say that Gould & Ratner remains the right choice for me. From the welcoming feeling that I get whenever I walk into a partner’s office to discuss a matter, to the investment the firm has made in my professional development, to the lasting relationships that I have formed with members of the firm, Gould & Ratner has exceeded my expectations and remained true to the culture that was depicted to me at my very first interview.

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Seeking An Opportunity That Would Challenge Me


I joined Gould & Ratner because I was seeking an opportunity that would challenge me, expand my legal practice and provide me with exposure to complex transactions. I was pleasantly surprised when I joined as a lateral hire, as I was immediately exposed to a broad range of industries and legal issues. Our corporate practice in particular is committed to training attorneys to see all angles of transactions and act as business advisors. We are encouraged to think “outside-the-box” to provide creative solutions for our clients.

Gould & Ratner has also provided me with incredible and dedicated mentors who are invested in the professional development and growth of their associates. The firm supports and provides resources to its associates to develop expertise in specialty areas of interest. The culture at Gould & Ratner promotes a collegial atmosphere and comradery amongst colleagues, which makes the firm a truly unique place.

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