Gould + Ratner

Cannabis and Regulated Industries

Gould & Ratner’s practice for clients who develop, produce, distribute, and deliver in the cannabis and other regulated industries continues to expand.  Our attorneys are well-experienced at nimbly navigating the complex federal, state and local regulatory schemes in a variety of regulated industries ranging from cannabis to alcohol to other emerging markets. Additionally, our team has advised chambers of commerce and state governments regarding a variety of aspects of the business such as investing, legal and compliance matters, trends and outlook, business challenges, and innovation.

Our attorneys have represented cannabis companies around the country, from start-ups to publicly traded companies, on a variety of corporate formation, commercial contracting matters, mergers and acquisitions and financings, along with trusted regulatory counsel, among other counsel.  

We have assisted cannabis providers in navigating complex regulatory, compliance, and licensing matters.  More broadly, we serve as strategic advisors for clients involved in controlled substances and emerging markets, attending to key contracts, governance, compliance, tax, real estate, regulatory, construction, intellectual property, litigation, and labor and employment matters.  

Likewise, our attorneys are experienced in advising companies in the alcoholic beverage space. Recently, Gould & Ratner represented a startup whiskey distillery in a unique funding arrangement, leveraging barrels of young product as collateral for financing.  Industry knowledge that whiskey takes three years to mature empowered our attorneys to craft a vehicle for securing capital needed to enhance production and expand inventory.  

Similarly, we represented a whiskey distillery in securing cobranding partnerships helping open untapped markets.  Our attorneys have represented family offices in the sale of various cannabis license assets, manufacturers in transacting $10M+ deals, and founders in the corporate formation, governance, and initial capital raises for cannabis start-ups. 

Most recently, given the emergent nature of the psychedelics industry, our attorneys have advised clients on a wide range of matters arising from the industry. For example, the firm has advised clients interested in developing hospitality concepts (inclusive of corporate, real estate, regulatory and construction, among other needs) ancillary to the psychedelics space. Moreover, in anticipation of evolving regulations in states like Colorado, our attorneys have advised clients on developing strategic plans related to prospective participation in the industry.

The touchstone of our service to clients is translating our legal skill and business experience into practical solutions that work, helping our clients succeed.